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The Black Parade Myspace Layout

SarahHAVOK Graphics Community

The Black Parade Myspace Layout

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Jensen Ackles
My Chemical Romance as The Black Parade - DIV Overlay Layout for Myspace

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* // Do Not Steal or claim as your own.
* // Credit either havokgraphixx or Razorblade666 @ Deviantart
* // Comment if taking
* // *NEW* Settings here only work for Internet Explorer as far as I know - you may have to mess around with the code for it to work with Firefox
* // Have fun! =D

1. Remove any coding that you already have on your profile.

2. Copy and Paste this code into your About Me section:

3. Copy and Paste this code in your Interests section:

4. Copy and Paste this code into a word document.
For this section you will need to edit some of the code yourself to fit your own profile. Where it says **YOUR MYSPACE ID**, you have to enter the ID number of your profile. This can be found after '&friendid=' in your URL code.
Once you have changed these (there are 5 to change), then you paste the code in your Music section:

And now, you should have the Overlay as your profile and you can enter all of the details about yourself!

~ SarahHAVOK X
  • Is there a preview for this layout?
  • I can't see the image.
    • Oh and I'm the same noob that couldn't work it, and its not working for me again but now I have a screen shot! The same thing happened.

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  • i can't see the image. :(
  • Helpp

    Hi I was going to use this layout if you don't mind.
    But I've found that when I post it, it doesn't come up with the add to friends link, the message me, comment me, etc.
    Do you know why this is happening?
    • Re: Helpp

      It should work fine. Unless you are using firefox/any other internet browser other than internet explorer as I have made the layout so that it suits IE.

      Could you perhaps post a screen shot of your site once you enter the code so I can see and try to work out what the problem might be?
      • Re: Helpp

        im using firefox and its not working. i really luv the layout and want 2 use it but it will show up for a split second and then go back 2 my old layout. how can i configure the code for firefox? im not very good at computer codes. HELP!!!
  • this is Jennifer

    I am using the The Black Parade Myspace Layout. I love it. Please make more
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