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HAVOK Graphixx

This is the Graphics Journal of sarah_imafake

Its a bit of an experimental thing: I have a DeviantART site and I got a couple of people asking for the codes for my myspace layouts, so I decided to set up a site where I could post the codes.
This is also a bit of an interest of mine, and I'm hopefully going to be doing Graphic design in Uni, so it gives me a bit of practice.

I do all sorts of stuff – icons, wallpapers, myspace layouts, livejournal headers… anything really.
Mostly the graphics are band related – My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold and The Used being the main bands that I use, mostly because they are my favourite bands, although there are a few others that might pop-up occaisionally.

I am open to requests, so if you have any graphics you want made, leave a comment somewhere and I'll see what I can do!

Any Con/Crit is very welcome, I love to know ways in which I can improve!

A Note for Using the DIV Overlays on Myspace

I would not recommend that you use the DIV Overlays for Myspace if you do not have some previous knowledge of HTML.

The coding is quite complex and although I have set the layouts up so all you have to do is change the website addresses and enter your personal information, there is still the risk of it messing it up.
I'm not a computer expert - I know enough to write the code but I don't have the time or knowledge to fix it. I can’t help you if it messes up your profile, so please be warned.
On that note, if you do want to fiddle around with the coding, I recommend that you do so in safe mode.

The layouts were made for myself & as such, only work on Internet Explorer, NOT Firefox.

Outline coding for the DIV Overlay are thanks to bbzspace


I use a load of different resources in my graphics and most of them wouldn’t even be possible without the help of these amazing people.
A list of my resources can be found Here.

Disclaimer Stuff

None of this work is done for a profit. This site/the contents etc. is entirely just so that I can get practise at using the software, and to make graphics to make other people's profiles look pretty =D
Please DO NOT STEAL any of these graphics OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. A lot of hard work has gone into making them and I appreciate credit whenever you use them.
Finally, comments feed my ego and nice comments means nice graphics ;]